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Great xplan results are built on great experiences. We create those experiences.

Xplan Advice templates and wizards

Great advice can be produced with xplan. Advice that’s efficient, flows, leverages the clients data and the tools, is automated, scalable, flexible and visually impressive. When you create experiences not just products, you open the door to great things.

Your advice experience

Each step of the process affects the other, targeting one or two areas alone is what off the shelf products do.  By considering everything;  you create a great experience for your staff and business – That’s the secret to getting the best result and unlocking xplan.

Your Business

How you collect data, how you are recording it, how your staff use the system, what level of expertise they are at (and want to get to) and how much you want to get out of xplan – all affect how your wizards, templates and documents are built.  By taking this into account we can build better solutions tailored to your staff and your business.

Wizards + Data entry

Flow and harmony.  Wizards that work in tandem with your data, how you write advice and the tools being used.  Wizards that give your advisers flexibility and choices. Wizards that make sense for your staff, they follow your processes, guide your staff, teach them,  enabling them fully use the system quicker and more efficient then they ever have before.

Your Templates

Our templates are built with the best coding that can automate, scale and output just about anything you can imagine.  Great coding isn’t enough though, we build templates that work in harmony with your data, with  error detection, flexibility, a consistent framework  and always with your end client in mind to deliver spectacular client centric templates.

Your Client

Make your advice look and feel like something the client wants to read and understand!  Modern, visual, clearly and concisely showing them how your advice helps achieve their goals and the value of it.   This means considering everything from the structure, flow, right down the language used to produce and convey your client centric approach.

Combine the above with hands on consulting and training for your team and no ongoing contracts.

Don’t settle.

Let us build you an advice experience that your staff want to use and your clients love the results of.

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About our solutions

Our advice experiences are tailored to each business but below are key items to consider:

Produce plans quicker

When you work in the system using the tools and client data, faster plans is just one of the advantages.

Remove frustrations

A powerful solution that isn’t easy to use is no solution at all, because staff will stop using it.  Everything we build is designed to work with xplan, work with how you write advice to give a natural flow.

Leverage the tools

When you use the built in tools (IPS, Risk Researcher, Wealth Solver, Xtools) properly and in conjunction with a process you can achieve powerful automated results cutting your times down even further.

Client centric

It’s never been so important to produce advice that is clear and easily shows the client how your advice links with and helps to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Easy to update

Over time how you write advice will change, you need a solution that your team can easily update and manage.


The advice experience not only needs to be personalised for your unique business but enables your staff to personalise the advice for every client.

Scalable and Flexible

A comprehensive advice solution needs to scale with the advice being provided so that its just as efficient for risk only as it is for investments.  It also needs to be flexible enough to offer choices and give your staff access to their own preferences.

Visual and modern

Present your clients with advice documents they want to read!  Be visual and graphical to help make your advice clear and beautiful to present.

Value add

Collaboration + Consultation

Working with you and your team to get the best result isn’t something you can sacrifice to keep prices low.  We’re competitive because we’re a small but dedicated team fuelled by innovation and passion.

Coding framework

We future proof your templates by using a standardised coding framework.  This way if you ever want to change or enhance your templates the cost, turn around time and level of skill needed to do so is greatly reduced.

Training your team

We always train and upskill your team on everything we build.  We know knowledge is power and we want that in your hands and your teams hands so that you don’t need to rely on anyone to get the most out of your system.

Experienced developers

Innovative and experienced developers, fuelled by coffee who live and breathe Create’s design ethos.  With Create you have some of the best xplan developers in the industry working for you and what you want to achieve.

Ready to do more?

We’d love to help humanise your xplan experience and empower your team with the client centric advice and services they want to deliver.

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