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Sunsetting Kodee, our xplan chatbot

January 1, 2019 |  matthew-townsend

31st January 2019, lights out.

When I’m trying to learn new things – like conversational ux, integrations between platforms and databases – there’s no better method of discovery and way to learn, than having something you actually want to build and getting in and getting your hands dirty.  In the realm of chatbots and data, Kodee was the big experiment that let me dive in, learn from and led to a raft of other exciting projects.

The cool thing about these kind of projects is they are an act of passion and they drive you to deliver.  It also helps when you expect what you’re building will not only help to others but you also want to use yourself.  In the year and a half that Kodee was operational it served tens of thousands of xmerge requests, including my own 🙂  and provided a lot of cool data and learnings on people’s use and xmerge needs.

In one respect, the experiment is over and natural language has proven to be a successful and effective way to find snippets and get xmerge help.  In another respect, all good things must come to an end, and with that, Kodee will go offline on 31st January 2019.

But why are you closing it?

Unfortunately the great platform that Kodees front end runs on is shutting down.

While that is only one component of Kodee, it would invariably be an extensive amount of work to set up, link up, test and deploy, all over again.  To do so would require more time than is presently available.

Kodee was an experiment is every sense of the word, part of that means once the hypothesis has been validated to look at the data, customer needs and what the next step might be.  For example rather than rebuilding Kodee as it was, perhaps an integrated service for xplan may be the next evolution..

Fear not

From the number of xmerge requests Kodee is still serving, through to the questions I continue to get from people in my inbox; there is clearly still a need for more xmerge snippets and resources.  So to that end, the Create Something blog will go back to its roots and start publishing xmerge articles again, yay!

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who took the time to not only use Kodee, but provide feedback, send emails and share the link to Kodee.  Your feedback, support and kind words were much appreciated and helped make it all worth while.

About the author

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Matthew Townsend
Advice Technology Consultant | Digital Advice at Create Something
Matthew is an experienced and innovative Xplan consultant and developer, having worked on and developed some of the largest advice projects in the industry. Passionate about building great experiences in xplan that enable businesses and clients to get the most out of this powerful software.
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