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To keep in mind even when xmerging

March 14, 2016 |  matthew-townsend

Code that humans can understand.

Even working with Xmerge, I feel this quote has some basis.

You can’t always avoid complexity but if you hold something like this as a value in your work, many small aspects of your coding seamlessly come through to make it easier to read, follow, maintain, update and work with.

Good Programmers Quote - Martin Fowler
Great quote by Martin Fowler. Great image credited to Jeremy Thomas

We’re an industry where the end client can often end up maintaining or update the code we create, it may be the case that this quote is more relevant than ever.

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Matthew Townsend
Advice Technology Consultant | Digital Advice at Create Something
Matthew is an experienced and innovative Xplan consultant and developer, having worked on and developed some of the largest advice projects in the industry. Passionate about building great experiences in xplan that enable businesses and clients to get the most out of this powerful software.
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