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Welcome to the
new year

what’s on the 2016 horizon

2016 with xplan

Don’t worry – this isn’t an article on setting your goals or some call to action to get around to dealing with technology inefficiencies – you will no doubt read and see plenty of those posted and shared around over the January period.

Rather just a quick update on what we’ll be doing in 2016 as well as one of the more exciting developments coming along.

Createsomething 2016

We’re just going to keep on doing what we’ve been doing : )

That’s just sharing our knowledge and being a source for people who want to learn about xmerge and are interested in developer considerations.  We still believe the more information available, the better for everyone – when we’re all producing higher quality templates and considering the more user centric design the solutions being built and the impact on the end user is better for all.

After the great response to the capability report we’ll be endeavouring to showcase more of our works so people can see and consider alternatives to their own designs or those they commonly see.

Lastly even though we’re not planners anymore, we still care about the industry and the issues confronting it, you may see more industry based articles and projects throughout the year that should be exciting so in essence, watch this space and have a great 2016.

A new IRESS backed community

Community and knowledge

One of the biggest challenges for both planning businesses trying to use Xplan and for those working with it, has been around knowledge and overcoming the great unknown.

Key questions like:

  • What can the software do?
  • What’s best practice?
  • How do this fit into an end to end process?
  • Where can I go to ask questions…other than my Account exec?
  • Why is coding help and basic out of the box functionality rarer than unicorns?

All of this comes back to knowledge and access.  That’s why its encouraging to see IRESS has now created their own community covering a lot of this.

Visit it here

It’s only just getting off the ground but you can see from the setup already it offers far more functionality and flexibility than could be achieved with the linkedin best practice group.

I would encourage everyone to take a look and try and support this initiative. Engaging in some fashion is one of the few ways you can start to draw more information out.  If you want to see more of what the software can do.  Actual examples of templates and coding and have a space to ask questions and more you need to get in and support it so that it can grow.

Thank you for your support in 2015

Lastly, thank you to everyone who got in touch with us last year and took the time to share their thoughts, ideas and engage us in xplan conversation – you know we love talking Xplan and we think we found others out there who do too.  Let’s find more and keep it up 🙂 

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