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Xplan Capability Reporting

one for the administrators

user capability reporting

We don’t know when ‘Xplan Administrator Appreciation Day’ is, maybe its already been this year? Maybe its coming up? In either case, to cover our bases (because surely such a day exists) we started braining storming ideas for things we could do to add some efficiency and ease into the role of the Xplan Administator.

Beautiful reports, aren’t just for clients

Over the years, Xplan Administrators of Licensee and other larger sites, have requested more robust capability reporting.  Within Xplan you can get a handy excel spreadsheet of all the users and what capabilities they have , but it isn’t customisable and offers no reporting or interrogation against their assigned access level.

This sounded like a bit of fun, so we created the following report pack, designed to make assessing user capabilities and detecting exceptions easier:

Xplan Capability Report
User Level Capability Report:  Contrasting Access Level vs actual user capabilities

Report Pack

The report pack includes two documents:

  • A word based version for individual and entity list reporting on a per user basis.  The report can be set to go through all capabilities or just show the exceptions.  The description of capabilities can also be turned off.
  • An excel based version which groups access levels and all users associated with each access level, together, allowing you to easily compare capabilities and users across multiple levels, all at once.

Versions of these reports will be made available upon request, to  Xplan Administrators.  

We hope they make things that bit easier for you and look forward to seeing the ways others further adapt these to do more and get more out of Xplan.

Happy Xplan Administrators day 🙂

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