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Custom fields vs standard Xplan areas

Xplan of today is interconnected with its data, the general idea being that a user should only enter client data once and that same data then flows to all the advice tools and modelling. To do this though means using standard areas and locations to draw the data from. The result is that today's solutions need to be double checked before falling back on custom fields and groups in order to maximise this linking and reduce double entry for users wherever possible.
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Xplan Interface – enhancing the user experience

One of our goals must always be, striving to deliver the best experiences to the user. To that end, this article aims to walk through some concepts that push the boundaries of the interface system as most know it. For advisers and users, hopefully the examples show that you aren’t limited by the system – if you can imagine it chances are you change it and do it. For developers and admin, maybe these will give you ideas or inspiration for even better functionality and things you can deliver to improve your users Xplan experience.
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