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Accessing it in a insights enabled world

March 12, 2018 |  matthew-townsend

Good times; when clicking xplan help meant help.

You may have noticed and experienced the progressive rollout of the IRESS Insights community into your XPLAN site.

Once your xplan site is insights enabled, there is a very subtle change to the system whereby clicking the ‘Help’ button no longer pops up the xplan help menu but instead takes us to the insights community forum.

Let’s be clear

The Insights community is a valuable resource for XPLAN.

However, from my own experiences and observation of other users, there are times you want quick, direct access to a systems actual help and there are other times when you want the discovery and discussion of a community environment.

Fortunately there’s a small trick

You may not be able to “click” help anymore, but you can still access it via the direct url.

Simply append: /help/index.html to the end of your xplan base url as such:

About the author

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Matthew Townsend
Advice Technology Consultant | Digital Advice at Create Something
Matthew is an experienced and innovative Xplan consultant and developer, having worked on and developed some of the largest advice projects in the industry. Passionate about building great experiences in xplan that enable businesses and clients to get the most out of this powerful software.
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